Citizens for Global Solutions, founded in 1947,  is dedicated  to our vision of a peaceful, free, just and sustainable world community. 

The mission of the CGS Education Fund is to educate and advocate for a democratic federation of nations with enforceable world law to abolish war and global violence in the resolution of disputes, protect universal human rights and freedoms, and restore and sustain our global environment. 

We are pleased to announce that Bob Flax has joined us as our Executive Director.  Click here for his bio.

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President John F. Kennedy signing the 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty
People welcoming refugees, sign saying, "Welcome Asylum Seekers And Refugees."

Donna Park
Citizens for Global Solutions
Education Fund Chair


United Federation of Nations

Explore how this sustainable political structure will abolish war and global violence.
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Global Cooperation

Explore how to avert armed conflict, finance environmental restoration, and empower civil society.
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Explore what our experts and partners are doing to make a just and peaceful world.
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"As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable. That statement is not an attempt to say when war will come, but only that it is sure to come. That fact was true before the atomic bomb was made. What has been changed is the destructiveness of war."
- Albert Einstein, United World Federalist Advisory Board Member


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June 2019

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