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“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776)

Join Us to Create a Governed World!

Our organization, Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS), is a home for practical optimists. And we’re hoping you may be one of us. For 75 years, we have been dedicated to the grand vision of a united and well-governed planet. By this we mean a sustainable world in which everyone lives in peace, justice, and abundance. In fact, our goal is the expansion of civilization to a planetary scale. But how can such an idealistic dream be achieved?

It can be attained through a very practical plan: creating a world that is lawfully governed by its own people according to universal human values. You may say that we are dreamers, but we believe this goal is far more practical than a world that staggers and falls into ruin—unable to pull together to face numerous dire threats that don’t respect national boundaries. And you know which maladies we mean: deadly pandemics, climate catastrophe, massive inequality, and nuclear war, just for starters. Rather than each of us cowering in despair, we also think it is more practical that you enjoy blessings of deeper meanings and higher values by joining in this unprecedented endeavor. Together, we think we can achieve this goal by 2045—with your help, your ideas, your donations, and your prayers.

You may have questions like these …

What will this governed world look like in 2045? We envision a government of all humankind guided by federal world constitution that resembles the U.S. constitution, featuring a separation of powers, a legislature elected by the world’s peoples, and world courts to adjudicate disputes.

How will you end war and solve the threat of climate catastrophe? Our movement will gently but firmly remove control of this planet from those who enable war and anarchy, and whose dysfunctional systems of governance have done so little to prevent environmental destruction. Help as we work for a world parliament whose first order of business is the abolition of war worldwide and the legislate act of making global climate agreements binding on all nations.

How is it possible to achieve justice on a planetary scale? To do so, we must envision a world court and regional courts whose routine work is to apply global law to individuals, rather than punishing entire nations for the crimes of their leaders. Visualize with us a planetary bill of rights that is zealously guarded, and a constitutional balance of power that prevents excesses by any branch of the world government.

Wouldn’t all of this mean more government and taxes, when most of us want less of those things? Join us to reflect on the prospect of living peacefully under a federation of nations where there is less government and lower taxes, where trillions are not spent each year on weapons systems or on dealing with mismanaged pandemics—and get ready for a global renaissance in the arts, science, religion, and culture.

This is our Manifesto

We the people of planet earth are the sovereigns of our destiny; if we stand together, we can build a just and democratic government of humankind that will abolish war forever, and work together with all nations to solve the other pressing problems facing our fragile planet. It really can be that simple—and that exhilarating. Because we believe in these goals, our core mission is to educate and advocate for a democratic federation of nations. In fact, we’re creating a movement of visionaries as well as people with practical common sense, those who are ready to seize the opportunity to reinvent our world. In this movement, genuine world peace and environmental justice is achieved through world laws enforced by a global government that represents all of humanity, high and low, north and south, black and white. We truly can create “the parliament of the world, the government of mankind” as the English poet Tennyson prophetically envisioned in the nineteenth century. The time for this historic task is upon us, now, in the twenty-first century. As you tour this website, you will see that this global movement is already well underway.


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"As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable. That statement is not an attempt to say when war will come, but only that it is sure to come. That fact was true before the atomic bomb was made. What has been changed is the destructiveness of war."
- Albert Einstein, United World Federalist Advisory Board Member


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