Where We Come From

For centuries philosophers, politicians, civic and religious leaders, and citizens from every corner of the globe have sought solutions to the problems of war, tyranny, and injustice.  A wide variety of people from Victor Hugo and H.G. Wells to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gene Roddenberry have all articulated a shared vision of “one world” and the “unity of humankind.”

Time for Change

Today Citizens for Global Solutions promotes its vision and mission through member activism and grassroots advocacy, program initiatives like our Model UN Reform project, research and writing conducted by our “big-picture think tank” — the World Federalist Institute, and education and outreach efforts nationwide.

Our Priorities

  • Representation of all peoples at the global level to solve global challenges
  • Safeguarding and strengthening human rights, humanity’s birthright
  • Nuclear weapons proliferation and unregulated nuclear systems
  • Genocide and political inaction, and failure to protect vulnerable populations
  • Global warming, this century’s greatest destabilizing crisis

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