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Category: PAC: 2010 Election Endorsements

CGS-endorsed candidates picking up steam....

With less than two weeks left until Election Day, many congressional candidates around the country are locked in extremely tight races.  In several states, CGS-endorsed candidates appear to be picking up momentum as the final stretch of the campaign begins, as illustrated by the recent polls showing positive signs for Joe Sestak (D) in the Pennsylvania Senate race and Senator Russ Feingold (D) in the Wisconsin Senate contest.

Two polls released in the last several days gave Sestak a slight lead in Pennsylvania over conservative former Rep. Pat Toomey (R) after trailing for months.  Another poll showed Sestak and Toomey tied.  Other polls have shown Toomey with a slight lead, but it seems clear that Sestak has closed the polling gap with Toomey over the last few days.  To read Sestak's Candidate Questionnaire, visit  To see his 2010 Congressional Report Card score and voting record, visit

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, Senator Feingold's numbers have been improving as well.  Previous polls have shown him trailing his opponent, Republican Ron Johnson, for several months now.  However, a recent poll showed a virtual statistical tie between Feingold and Johnson, with Johnson leading Feingold 49-47, within the margin of error.  To view Senator Feingold's 2010 Report Card voting record, visit

Latest Round of CGS Endorsements

Over the past several years, PAC has endorsed Congressional Candidates who have supported our values and promoted our organization's priorities.  We have built lasting relationships with key decision makers that push for greater United Nations funding, work for ratification of treaties, and promote U.S. international cooperation.

Unfortunately, this campaign season has seen the rise of many anti-internationalist candidates who do not share our goals.

Over 140 Members of the House of Representatives received a rating of A- or higher in our latest Congressional Report Card. As a result of their tireless efforts and their continuing support of constructive legislation to challenging global issues, we are pleased to announce our endorsement of all 140 of these Members. They are as follows:

Latest CGS PAC Endorsements

With only a month and half remaining before a pivotal Election Day, CGS's Global Solutions PAC continues to endorse candidates, both incumbents and challengers, whom we believe will be strong internationalist voices and valuable allies in the Senate and House of Representatives.  Here are the latest endorsements for September: