Joseph E Schwartzberg -- CGS Lifetime Achievement Award

Joseph E Schwartzberg -- CGS Lifetime Achievement Award

Dear Professor Joe,

 You have received so many much-deserved honors, including being named “Distinguished International Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota,” how can Citizens for Global Solutions add to that?  For decades you have taught important courses and have been recognized for that.  For many years you have also done significant work in seeking solutions to the Kashmir conflict.  You have authored many professional articles and books, including being the editor and principal author of the Historical Atlas of South Asia, which in 1980 won the Watumull Prize of the American Historical Association.  In 1984 you were presented the annual award of the American Association of Geographers.  What a life!

 With regard to our particular interests in a democratic world federation as the way to a better world, you have not only “talked the talk but also walked the walk.”  You have served on the board of directors of the World Federalist Association, have chaired its Policy and Issues Commission, and have been President of the Minnesota Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions.  You have authored several significant monographs about specific ways to make the United Nations more effective, culminating in the monumental Transforming the United Nations System: Designs for a Workable World, published in 2013 by the United Nations University Press. On page 297 of that work that focuses on “a world that is workable, not a future utopia” you also say, “In broad terms, my strong preference is for a constitutional system of democratic, federal world government . . . .”  In order to move things forward in our present situation, you have established the Workable World Trust, which is providing for translations of your book into other languages, as well as holding an important international conference in 2015.  Presentations at that conference are viewable at the WWT website <> accompanied by a helpful Discussion Guide for the book.  The Workable World Trust that you established also sponsors other projects to advance humanity toward a more workable world.

 Given that you have already been rightly honored with many plaques and trophies, what can we do to show the special place you have in our hearts? We members of Citizens for Global Solutions want to do something to show our gratitude and respect for all that you done during your whole life to advance the idea of world federation as the way to develop global justice and peace through world law.  Thus, we want to present to you our “Lifetime Achievement Award”.  The plaque on the award reads:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Joseph E. Schwartzberg

for his promotion of world federation and Citizens for Global Solutions

February 3, 2018

No one is more deserving of being so honored.  Thank you, Joe!

On behalf of all the members of Citizens for Global Solutions   

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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