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People underestimate the negative effects that not ratifying treaties can have on our lives. It can limit the rights of women or people with disabilities. Non-ratification also limits the influence that the US has in international decision-making. By not being part of the Law of the Sea treaty, the US loses opportunities to have a voice in decisions that govern the world’s oceans; this is a major issue for the US as the country with one of the largest coast lines.

Shouldn’t we embrace women’s rights and rights of the disabled? How can we end conflicts like the Syrian war without an arms trade agreement? The opposition wholeheartedly contests all treaties, while most proponents will advocate only for one. That needs to end. We CAN fight back, but we need to do it together, through broad support for treaty ratification.

The War on International Law is gaining traction, and we need to work harder to stop it. recently launched a project on Indiegogo, a crowd funding site, to raise money for our campaign. We need to bring attention to the Arms Trade Treaty, the Women’s Equality Treaty (CEDAW), the Disability Treaty, the Law of the Sea Treaty, and many others. The US has not ratified any of these crucial agreements, which has significant negative consequences for the US role in the world and for US citizens.

Our goals are simple: expose the opposition, identify the costs of this negative policy, and build a robust network of support that crosses traditional issue silos inside and outside the Beltway to reengage the US in adopting international law. We need your support in order to make this campaign a success.

The money we raise from Indiegogo will enable us to distribute reports on the opportunity costs of non-ratification, hold meetings for treaty proponents, place coordinators in strategic states to build networks to educate people about the War on International Law, and more.

Jon Stewart recently spoke about the Disability Treaty on The Daily Show. He commented on the absurdity of the Senate’s opposition to the Disability Treaty, because this treaty is modeled directly after the Americans with Disabilities Act that the Senate passed in 1990. The opposition is now claiming that ratifying this treaty will put American sovereignty at risk and hold us to unfair rules that we don’t agree with. This is the kind of media attention that should be given to treaty ratification--the kind that exposes the lies being spread by the opposition.

No matter how much you can give, you will receive a big Thank You and even more, such as a water bottle, bumper sticker, recyclable bag, or even a lunch with our CEO! Indiegogo only allots a certain amount of time for each campaign to be active, so we need your support now. If you are interested in promoting human rights, getting the US to stay a global leader, and sharing the truth about the benefits of international law and treaty ratification, ACT NOW to help us accomplish these goals.

Please also share this campaign with your likeminded friends and family! We don’t want to get stuck with the problems non-ratification causes, like being left out of important international discussions. The more attention we bring to this issue, the better solutions we can achieve.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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