29,000 Signatures Delivered to the White House Calling for More U.N. Engagement in Libya

Earlier today, GlobalSolutions.org delivered a petition containing 29,000 signatures to the White House calling for the Obama Administration to "work through the United Nations to continue protecting the people of Libya from atrocities committed by their own government."

The petition launched in April with a full page ad in the New York Times, in which GlobalSolutions.org called on the United Nations to take three important actions:

  1. Deploy U.N. peacekeepers on the ground to protect Libyan civilians
  2. Provide food, water, medicine, and shelter for the displaced people of Libya
  3. Sponsor elections to bring democracy and a legitimate government

Don Kraus, GlobalSolutions.org' CEO stated,

"We believe these three actions offer the best chance to save Libyan lives and to create the conditions necessary for the Libyan's to build a more stable and human rights abiding nation. They speak to our most basic values - the shared human desire to live in a world where common human dignity and hope for the future prevail."

Today's delivery came during a week of continued debate in Congress on the U.S.'s role in the Libyan conflict. Just two days ago, Senator Kerry (D-MA) and Senator McCain (R-AZ) introduced a resolution on the Senate floor that would authorize continued limited U.S. military engagement in Libya. In response to the resolution, Kraus said, "Is playing a supportive role in a bombing campaign the best we can do to protect the Libyan people?" Meanwhile, in the House, an odd coalition of left-wing Democrats and conservative Republicans are joining forces to tie the president's hands in the actions he can take to protect Libyan civilians. While I don't agree with the proposed actions in Congress, I do agree with the sentiment that it's not up to the United States or its allies to solve the world's problems alone. International  cooperation is essential to resolve global challenges, building a safer and more secure world.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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