Say It Isn't So! - Sestak Loses

By 49 to 51 percent Pennsylvania voters rejected Representative Joe Sestak's Senate bid.  In his concession speech Joe said, "I'd do it again in a heartbeat."  I certainly hope he does because our nation and the world need a man with Sestak's experience, honor and values at the helm.

Joe is a former admiral who beat the odds when he upset incumbent Curt Weldon in 2006 with' support.  He has become a good friend, earning A+'s on our Report Card every year.  He spoke to our members at our last annual meeting, he picked up the phone when I call him, and he's been there when we needed him.  In 2008, after winning reelection, he said, "From climate change to nuclear proliferation, the toughest challenges we face today require that we work with our allies to form global solutions. works tirelessly on the grassroots level to build support for commonsense policies that make America and the world safer and more peaceful.  I thank them for their support."

We will do our best to find common ground with Senator-Elect Pat Toomey.  During the campaign he tried to paint Joe Sestak as extreme because of our endorsement.  My sincere hope is that we can move beyond that and work together for a better and safer world for us and future generations.  That's why we are all here (I hope).

Joe, I want to wish you the best as you move onto the next phase of your life once the Lame Duck Congress leaves town in December.  I hope you continue to serve the public.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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