Special Fundraising Campaign

Can It Be More Graphic?

The coronavirus pandemic underscores the impotency of our system of sovereign nation states to control almost any issue that transcends national borders. War, climate change, refugee migrations, collapsing biodiversity, land, air, and ocean pollution, nuclear weapons – they all demand global solutions.

CGS is focused on educating Americans and promoting US leadership to develop and empower the institutions necessary to advance our global civilization beyond its present dysfunctional state.  Your financial support makes it possible for CGS to do the critical work of focusing minds on the big picture of our interdependent world, to bring awareness to actual solutions to our global problems, and to educate and empower young people to realize and engage in opportunities to express world citizenship.

Help us to promote the rule of law at the global scale, so humanity can get up to speed to solve these many global challenges.  Thank you!