Addressing the Democracy Gap

We advocate a democratic federation of nations in order to bring about global democracy and better global governance. The democratic deficit in the United Nations has created a gap between the world that we have and the world that most people really want.

One component of a world federation that would help improve global democracy is a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). The ultimate idea of a UNPA is to have a legislative body elected by the people of the world. The General Assembly represents the nations of the world. A UNPA would represent the people of the world and bring global democracy to discussions of global concern.

United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Democracy for Citizens, Not Just States

The UNPA will inject fresh ideas in UN debates by bringing together democratically elected leaders to address issues that concern citizens worldwide. It will add an important democratic dimension to UN governance and contribute to developing a robust transnational democratic culture.

Votes Allotted Only to States

The UN is comprised of 193 member states, with each one wielding one vote in the General Assembly.  While not perfect, through this method, states are better able to further their interests and participate in world governance on par with each other.  Under this construct, however, the will of the people is not truly represented, and therefore neither are their aspirations or concerns.

The 10 Most Populous Nations' Share of Votes in the UN General Assembly

The 10 Most Populous Nations' Share of World's GDP

The 10 Most Populous Nations' Share of World's Population

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Citizens for Global Solutions is proud to support the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.  We are partners in a global network of parliamentarians, non-governmental organizations, scholars, and dedicated citizens that advocates democratic representation of the world’s citizens at the United Nations.