Why Transform the UN?

Transforming the United Nations into a strong, democratic federation can deliver a world of universal opportunity. This earth union will undertake responsibility for establishing and enforcing global laws. Individual states remain sovereign over national concerns. The democratic world government would handle global problems that no country can solve alone.

The US provides an example of such a transformation, during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The loose confederation of states established after the Revolutionary War was not working. Some state militias fought battles with each other, while others had serious trade disagreements. When the Philadelphia meeting remade the Articles of Confederation into the constitutional federation we have now, the change produced peace.

What Would a United Federation of Nations Include?

A United Federation of Nations Could Include:

  • The UN General Assembly of nations becomes the Senate of a world legislature. To enact enforceable law, it uses weighted voting to require the support of majorities of the world’s people, nation states, and contributors to the UN budget
  • A World Parliamentary Assembly elected by the people constitutes the 2nd legislative chamber
  • The principle of subsidiarity obtains: the appropriate level of government handles issues the private sector cannot
  • Sovereign states take care of national issues
  • Local governments handle problems at lower levels
  • Most nations transform their military forces into small national guards to deal with natural disasters and maintain order during disturbances
  • States must conform to universal human rights standards
  • A stronger international judicial system gains jurisdiction
  • Some funding shifts from military to global governance administering the world system
  • A peacebuilding force for the world develops, including psychologists, social workers, and listeners, not depending solely on mostly male police/military personnel
  • A global ethic prevails, essentially the “golden rule” found in all major world religions, of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

It Would Exclude:

  • Dismantling national governments
  • One nation serving as world policeman
  • Absolute sovereignty of individual nation states
  • Private corporations having same rights as representative governments

What are the benefits?


End the War System

a. Disarm offensive weapons
b. Reduce the arms trade
c. De-alert nuclear weapons
d. Transform national military forces into national civil guards

Reinvest the Peace Dividend

Enable the redirecting of money currently spent on the military to investment in environmental restoration, education, health, and renewable energy

Checks and Balances

Provide checks and balances plus democratic accountability for present global structures, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

We suggest that it is important for democratic countries to lead the effort today to prevent non-democratic forces from achieving world dominance tomorrow.