Our Organization

Like a number of advocacy groups in the U.S., Citizens for Global Solutions is composed of two distinct yet closely related non-profit corporate entities: Citizens for Global Solutions Education Fund and Citizens for Global Solutions Action Network.

In the past the Action Network was very engaged in a number of political activities and worked hard to inform and lobby congress on issues related to global cooperation and democratic international institutions. Due to current priorities, the two boards of the organization have decided to focus on our public educational programs rather than on political activities. However, we continue to accept membership in the Action Network. Members of the Action Network are invited to the annual members meeting and elect their board of directors. To join the action network, click the button directly below and give at least $25.

Citizens for Global Solutions Education Fund

Our charitable and educational nonprofit corporation is a  501(c)(3) organization, and therefore contributions are tax-deductible.


Citizens for Global Solutions Action Network

Our Action Network nonprofit corporation is a 501(c)(4) organization,and therefore contributions are not tax-deductible due to the advocacy work that it undertakes.


CGS Organizational Values Statement

Organizational values provide the core principles by which an organization operates; including how the stakeholders of the organization relate to and treat each other. What ethical principles must be adhered to in order that the organization is respected and listened to by its stakeholders and the outside world.

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In our work with each other, the Boards, Staff, Members and Volunteers strive to be:


Our communications with one another are clear and honest.


We encourage everyone to participate in discussions, especially those who have a different point of view; and give adequate time to make important decisions, so that all participants can study, discuss, and understand the issues involved.


We set meaningful and strategic goals that align with our values; are accountable for meeting those goals and acting consistently with our values.


We recognize that we are stronger together and rely on each other’s expertise and skills to accomplish our mission collaboratively and cooperatively.

Rigorous in tracking progress

Use rigorous thinking to define our success metrics, and track, analyze and report a variety of indicators that illustrate how effectively we deliver on our goals.


We establish budgets that reflect realistic expectations of income and expenses and manage our resources carefully. We use best-practice techniques for raising and using funds efficiently.


We set goals and solve problems by considering all options and thinking creatively.