Meet Our National Advisory Council

These prominent, influential and respected individuals provide guidance and counsel to CGS regarding our pursuit of global citizenship, a democratized and empowered United Nations, and enduring world peace through enforceable world law.

Benjamin Ferencz

Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg

Martin Sheen

Actor, Activist, and Leader

Daniel Ellsberg

Lecturer, Writer, and Activist

Helen Caldicott

Physician, Author, Speaker

Randy Kehler

Pacifist Activist

Andrea Cousins

Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Anthropologist

James T. Ranney

Professor, International Legal Consultant, Author

Blanche Wiesen Cook

Professor, Author, Historian

Gary Dorrien

Professor, Author, Social Ethicist

Barbara Smith

Author, Activist, and Scholar

David Cortright

Author, Activist, and Leader

Mark Ritchie

President, Global Minnesota

Leila Nadya Sadat

Special Advisor to the ICC Chief Prosecutor, Professor, Author

Rick Ulfik

Rick Ulfik is the Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign at

Oscar Andrew Hammerstein

Painter, Writer, Lecturer, and Historian

Former National Advisory Council Members

William O. Douglas

Supreme Court Justice, SEC Chairman, Conservationist

Albert Einstein

Nobel Laureate, Physicist

Clare Boothe Luce

Ambassador, Member of Congress, Author, Feminist

Bette Davis


Isaac Asimov

Author (fiction and non-fiction), Biochemist

Oscar Hammerstein II

Librettist, Theatrical Producer, Theatre Director

Joe Schwartzberg

Geographer, Author, Professor

Jean Stapleton


William Fulbright

Senator, Statesman

Harris Wofford

Senator, Statesman, Civil Rights Attorney, Author

Walter Cronkite


Lloyd Bridges


John Steinbeck

Nobel Laureate, Novelist, Journalist

Former National Advisory Council Members