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Recent Publication: Transforming the United Nations System

WFI Fellow Joseph E. Schwartzberg has written a new book: Transforming the United Nations System: Designs for a Workable World

Book: Transforming the United Nations System

Global problems require global solutions. However, the United Nations, as presently constituted, is incapable of addressing many global problems effectively. One nation – one vote decision-making in most UN agencies fails to reflect the distribution of power in the world at large, while the allocation of power in the Security Council is both unfair and anachronistic. Hence, nations are reluctant to endow the UN with the authority and the resources it needs. Extensive reform is essential.

This book is rooted in the proposition that the design of decision-making systems greatly affects their legitimacy and effectiveness. It proposes numerous systemic improvements, largely through weighted voting formulae that balance the needs of shareholders and stakeholders in diverse UN agencies. It indicates ways by which the interests of regions can supplement those of nations and by which the voices of civil society and ordinary citizens can also be heard. In numerous contexts, it promotes meritocracy and gender equity.

The aim is not to create an unrealistic utopia, but rather to establish a workable world, a world in which the force of law supplants the law of force, a world committed to justice and continuous, yet sustainable, development. Given the many existential threats now confronting our planet, the time frame for decisive action is short. The task before us is daunting and success is not guaranteed. But, in light of the urgency of our situation, we must and can find ways of mustering the will, imagination and other resources to do the job.

Video: A UN Peacebuilding Package

An embryonic U.N. system exists to prevent and contain armed conflict. It ranges from a civilian non-violent Peace Force, through enhanced diplomatic mediation, to a U.N. Emergency Peace Service. Funding could be through the imposition globally of arms export taxes.

Video: A Just World System

Could you allow yourself to dream of a world system that works for everyone? This video illustrates the principles and prospective institutions that would make global democracy a reality. Activists join to propose realizable ways to meet the needs of all earth’s people.

Videos: Can Abolishing Nuclear Weapons Lead to Abolishing War?

On January 25, 2014, Tad Daley, WFI Fellow and author of Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World, was an invited speaker in the Soka Gakkai International-USA Culture of Peace Distinguished Speaker Series. His talk was entitled "Can abolishing nuclear weapons lead to abolishing war?" Parts 4 and 5 are available below:

Part 4 explains how a federal union of nations can enable us to eliminate nuclear weapons first and then abolish war:

Part 5 calls for a new ethic of "species-hood" in which we recognize that all humans are "crew-mates on spaceship earth: