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The World Federalist Institute

World Federalist Institute LogoThe World Federalist Institute (WFI) aims to advance education about a federal government for the world and steps towards it. Such a world government would deal with global problems while national governments handle national concerns, much as in the U.S. the federal government undertakes national solutions while the states resolve state problems.

Embracing a United Federation of Nations

UN Federation of NationsWe envision a world at peace, where all people have the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Many great thinkers, including Socrates, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King have pointed the way. They call on us to develop a loyalty to humanity as a whole that embraces our own nation, while also working together across boundaries to care for this small and beautiful planet that is our home. People of all countries share a common thread of humanity. We all have the same basic needs for love, water, food, shelter, and community.


World Federalism and Global Governance

Stamp: World Peace through LawThe Institute continues the study of world federalism in addressing contemporary policy challenges in global governance that Citizens for Global Solutions' predecessor organizations has pioneered for decades.

Though the terminology has evolved in recent decades, world federalism is still evident in contemporary intergovernmental relations. The use of federal and quasi-federal structures in the regional unions or in intergovernmental organizations extend and provide structure to democratic accountability and legal responsibility for national governments. 

Current Fellows

The Institute invites select scholars and policy experts to generate innovative ideas and contribute to the development of proposals on contemporary global governance challenges. Below is a list of our current Fellows with their biographies and select recent publications.

Contact the Institute

The World Federalist Institute promotes discussion and review of proposals on the applicability of federalism to contemporary global governance. Contact the Institute for more information on our current projects or to submit a proposal for review.