About Citizens for Global Solutions

GlobalSolutions.org StaffCitizens for Global Solutions is a groundbreaking national online movement for Americans who want the United States to take a responsible and cooperative role in the world.

Think of Citizens for Global Solutions as your own White House staffer, boiling down complex foreign policy issues into short emails, identifying the key decision makers and policy solutions, and providing the tools to take action on the issues that matter to you. We won’t crowd your inbox or Twitter feed, but will periodically bring to your attention problems that demand action.

We are confronted with threats to world peace and stability on a daily basis; costly wars, mass atrocities, destructive climate change, dehumanizing globalization and the spread of nuclear weapons. These are at the very top of the agenda, but that agenda is very long and growing.

Most Americans understand that international cooperation is essential to build a safer and more secure world. Some of us are passionate about human rights, ending genocide, eliminating nuclear weapons, or preventing war. We want to manage climate change, stop the global spread of AIDS, or improve institutions like the U.N. While we may differ on priorities, what binds us together are our shared values.

We envision a future in which nations work together to abolish war, protect our rights and freedoms, and solve problems facing humanity that no nation can solve alone. Citizens for Global Solutions role is to empower members to articulate and act on this vision. Our goal is to build by the end of this decade a member base of millions of Americans who will speak with one voice on issues that they have determined to be of vital importance.

A well-funded and methodically organized opposition wants Americans to believe that the United States must lead by force - or stay at home and ignore the global challenges we face. If you would rather our nation support what you believe in; if you want to win critical policy battles; if you want to create a better and safer future – then we need to raise our voices together.

It is time to build a movement as grand as the ideals that we embrace. That’s Citizens for Global Solutions