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World Peace, One Person at a Time

By February 11, 2020No Comments
The Secret Key to the Power to Change the World

I attended Donna Park’s presentation about Citizens for Global Solutions on 1-13-20 at the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center in Cincinnati. I was energized and inspired by Ms. Park’s presentation. This is because it reflects my values and goals for our world. I have been an activist for many years. There is such a proclivity to look for solutions to such issues as climate change within our boundaries and national governance. Ms. Park’s presentation was a powerful reminder that it will take international solutions to address global crises such as human rights violations and climate change. If we diverted military spending, we could have the resources available to provide education to all countries on how to take steps to climate change such as green energy sources and steps we can take every day to help the environment, such as international elimination of single use plastics. 

I would also like to comment on Ms. Park’s chart about military spending in the United States. It is appalling to me that the United States spends more on defense that the next seven countries. This is why we are starved for resources such as education, job training, roads and bridges, and others. Shifting this money could improve the quality of life for American citizens and be a better global model for democracy.

Another tenet Ms. Park discussed was using a global peace keeping response team to respond to regional conflicts. This is an excellent use of military solutions to address human rights crises in areas like Syria and the Rwandan genocide. It would also reduce refugee populations significantly. 

Another topic discussed was the decrease of global corporate control. I passionately agree with this point! Such a positive paradigm shift would place human rights and human needs above profit. 

An additional principle of Citizens for Global Solutions is expanding the United Nations into a global parliament with true legal authority for enforcement of international resolutions. A strong U.N. can address global conflicts and climate change effectively. It would also provide a forum for international cooperation and legislative solutions. We are a human family. 

Thank you, Ms. Park, for this excellent presentation. You have inspired me to become involved in Citizens for Global Solutions.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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