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Federation of Nations

What is the best way to keep U.S. safe and secure?
First step, Transform the UN

By June 21, 2019No Comments
Transform the UN

Every nation on earth wants to provide safety and security for its people.  The U.S. has prioritized putting our money into the military to achieve this goal.  This is an old approach and it doesn’t begin to address the multitude of problems facing us today.  

The U.S. pointed the way to a better solution back in 1787 when our constitution was created establishing our federal government, an effective legal system, and a guarantee of basic rights for our citizens.  Before that each state spent money on militia to protect themselves from other states, just the way now each nation spends money on weapons of war to protect themselves against other nations.

Many other nations followed the federal model including India, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Mexico and ~ 20 other countries.

Federation, not Confederation

We propose the U.N. should transform itself from the current confederation to a federation of nations.  This federation could establish a system of international laws, outlaw war between nations, and guarantee certain basic rights for all humans on earth.  It also could create the global structures needed to solve our global problems.

After the United Federation of Nations is working smoothly, we will be able to reduce our spending on military and use some of that money to better address the many problems facing us such as the global climate crisis, cyber security threats, and the chance of nuclear disaster.  We also can re-purpose our military personnel to other roles including UN peacekeeping, dealing with national disasters, and fighting the climate crisis.


Plans are in the works for a UN meeting in 2020 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UN and discuss how it needs to be transformed to better govern our world.  CGS has endorsed Together First, a group working towards this end.  You can show your individual support for this effort by registering here.  There is no fee to have your voice counted.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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