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Conflict Resolution

Urgent Appeal to End Violence between Israel and Palestine

Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS) condemns the recent violence around Jerusalem and in Gaza. Violence never brings peace. It only begets more violence. Innocent people, children and adults, are being injured and killed. Human rights are being abused.

Given our current system of global governance, situations such as these are inevitable. CGS stands with the World Federalist Movement in urging world leaders to build a new system, a democratic United Federation of Nations with the authority to make and enforce world law. It is the only way to end war and global violence, environmental devastation, widespread human rights abuses, and global health crises. The law of force must be replaced with the force of law.

CGS is dedicated to realizing a long-term solution to global problems, problems that will never be solved by individual nation states. Right now we call upon the UN Security Council to deal with this inflammatory situation before it escalates. The UN brought Israel into existence, and the UN Security Council is inescapably the only institution in our current world with even a chance of resolving the Israeli/Palestinian standoff.

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