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UN75 People’s Forum

Registration for the UN75 People’s Forum for the UN We Need, on 14-15 May, is now open!

Hosted by UN2020 (@_UN2020_) and Together First (@TogetherFirst), the Forum will virtually bring together civil society and key stakeholders to adopt and discuss ways of moving forward the UN75 People’s Declaration & Program of Action. 

The unifying theme of the Forum is advancing people-centered multilateralism, with a focus both on addressing global risks as well as revitalizing the United Nations on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary in September. The Forum will be a space for participants to advance their work in promoting partnerships for peace, sustainable development, human rights, democracy, climate action and disarmament. Most importantly, it will be an opportunity to look ahead to a post-75 process for strengthening the UN system and global governance.

Please register HERE to attend the Forum on May 14 and 15. Share this invitation with your networks as we aim for the widest possible representation from every part of the globe. An agenda and further details will be shared soon.

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