UN2020 / UN75 Update

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Date: Saturday, September 12
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
UN2020 Update, provided by Jeffery Huffines, Senior Advisor, UN2020 & Together First

The UN will mark its 75th anniversary with a one-day high-level meeting on September 21st, at the opening of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. Just nine days prior to that date, which culminates UN2020’s four-year effort, we are very fortunate to have Jeffery Huffines, Senior Advisor to both UN2020 and Together First, to catch us up with the latest news and a look at expectations for the future. The session will include a Q&A segment. We have asked Jeffery to address:

  • UN2020: What outcomes did the UN2020 team (and broader UN2020 alliance) hope for in this 75th anniversary year of the UN? How has COVID-19 affected outcomes? What have been the greatest successes / disappointments? What is planned for the remainder of 2020, and beyond?
  • Together First: In what ways are Together Firsts’ goals affiliated with UN2020 and UN75 goals? What types of partnerships exist between these three entities? What has Together Frist been up to in 2020? What are future plans?
  • UN75 / UN Secretary-General’s Office: What has been accomplished with the UN75 campaign so far? Do you expect the Secretary-General to meaningfully continue to “hear” and implement ideas generated by this campaign? Or, will it just fade into history, as the UN remains entrenched in the confines of national sovereignty? How much political will is there to push for true reform?
  • UN75 People’s Declaration and Plan for Global Action: Do members of the UN75 / UN2020 / Together First teams feel that it was a successful endeavor? What are the weaknesses and strengths of the final Declaration wording? Were there any surprises / disappointments / victories? What kind of reaction has the Declaration received in the UN diplomatic world? What comes next?
  • The Future: What does the future hold, overall, for our efforts to strengthen the UN system and make it more people-centered? Specifically, in what ways can Citizens for Global Solutions engage in advocacy work? (this is a good discussion question, after you share your initial thoughts).

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