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Federation of Nations

LA Video/Essay Contest
Win 2 Tickets to See Hamilton!

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Essay & Video Contest to apply the ideas in the Federalist Papers towards a
United Federation of Nations for the world

The 85 Federalist Papers were written after the U.S. Constitution was finished in sixteen weeks of deliberation during the spring and summer of 1787 at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.  Alexander Hamilton was the force behind these papers, and was responsible for recruiting James Madison and John Jay to write with him secretly under the pen name Publius.  Only after Hamilton’s death in 1804 was it revealed who the authors had been.

The purpose of the Federalist Papers was to explain the Constitution and to describe the Framers’ reasoning.  The Papers were also written to answer the concerns of the opposition.

To honor Hamilton’s contributions to our Constitution, the LA Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS) is creating a contest to apply some of the great ideas in the Federalist Papers to form a more peaceful, free, just, and sustainable world.


Grand Prize: Two tickets to Hamilton up front at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre this summer when the musical re-opens.  One pair for the essay contest and one pair for the video contest.

Second and Third Prizes: books, Hamilton cast album, poster, etc.

How To Enter the Contest

We have selected a subset of 16 of the 85 Federalist Papers (see entry form below) as suggested by Carl Scott’s Guide.  Choose two or three Federalist Papers you like and apply their ideas to:

  • EITHER revise the relevant parts of the UN Charter (as envisioned by Article 109 of UN Charter)
  • OR propose corresponding parts for United Federation of Nations constitution for the world.

You can also use ideas from any of the other Federalist Papers.

Access the Federalist Papers at:  It is a 167-page PDF (download if you wish).  It begins with the titles of the 85 Federalist Papers followed by the complete text of each of them.  Clicking the title of a paper will take you to its complete text.

Write a three- to five-page essay and/or record a five- to ten-minute video (phone is fine), applying one or more ideas from two or three Federalist Papers to one of:

  1. A single layer of government above the 200 national governments and apply your selected Hamilton’s ideas about the “states” to the world’s 200 nations.
  2. Or two layers of government above the 200 national governments and apply your selected Hamilton’s ideas about the “states” to regions of the world with regional government (perhaps following existing regional unions, such as the European Union, African Union, etc.) and Hamilton’s ideas about “local government” to the nations in each region.
  3. Or some other organization.

Be creative in both ideas and presentation!  For videos don’t just read a script; speak or animate it.

To learn more, click: Embracing a United Federation of Nations on our CGS website.

Email your essay and/or video using this Entry Form by May 31.

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