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Global Cooperation

International Day of Multilateralism

We are highlighting the global issue of migration in answer to why #multilateralismmatters .

Thanks to the Global Compact for Migration, states have an agreed framework to “ensure safe, orderly and regular migration for the benefit of all”. For advancing a human-rights based approach to migration, we need to strengthen multilateralism during UN75. We are asking your respective country to hear our call for UN75. #makeUN75count #multilateralismmatters  Click here to read more.

We are also advocating for a ‘People Centered UN’ and within that are civil society, youth, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable group voices.

Strengthening the voices of citizen representatives in its various meetings and forums would make the UN more responsive and better able to address global issues. Consistently applied rules and procedures are required for meaningful civil society participation at all levels at the UN. The UN75 People’s Declaration and Plan of Action identifies several strategies for pursuing this goal.

Despite the unquestionable value of civil society, the space made available to civic actors continues to shrink in countries around the world and at the UN itself. We ask [SG/PGA/countries] to ensure civil society’s meaningful participation in global governance. Check our proposal for UN75:

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