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Global Week of Action for a World Parliament 19-28 October 2018

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World Parliament Now

United Nations Day: 24 October

United Nations Day is right around the corner. 24 October marks the day that the United Nations (UN) charter was ratified, and it is a reminder to the world of the UN’s mission and the work that has been achieved; it is also a day to reflect upon how the United Nations can be altered. Many meetings and discussions will be taking place around the world to highlight the UN’s achievements. However, it is important to note its flaws. Some would argue that the UN should stay how it currently is, while others would raise a hand for change. If change is needed, then what change?

Global Week of Action for a World Parliament: 19-28 October

Citizens for Global Solutions, along with Democracy without Borders, One World, World Parliament Now, Democracia Global and the UNPA Campaign are hosting the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament. This Week of Action starts 19 October and ends 28 October. This week is centered around the United Nations Day, because these organizations are calling for a change. A change that takes Europe’s continental parliament a step further. A change that involves all the citizens of the world.

Citizens of the World Unite

This change is a world parliament, elected by the world’s citizens. These organizations believe that representation should be given to all citizen. For in a democracy, citizens elect representatives at multiple levels. It is argued that:

‘A world parliament would be an instrument to find and implement solutions that are democratic, accountable and serve the best interest of humanity. It would reflect the social, political, religious, ethnical, and cultural variety of all the world’s citizens, transcending national boundaries’ (

What Can You Do?

Summarized, these organizations believe that there must be global solutions to global problems, and that a world parliament is the best way to go about this. If you are of a similar mind, then get involved! Individuals, organizations and groups are being called upon to mobilize in support of a world parliament in this Week of Action. If you are interested in learning more or in supporting this change, go to to find out what you can do for this year’s Week of Action.

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