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Global Week of Action 2018, Day 4

By October 22, 2018No Comments

Day 4: Global Week of Action (19-28 October 2018)

Today kicks off the fourth day of the Global Week of Action (GWA). This Week of Action is meant to rally support around the call for a World Parliament elected by the world’s citizens; essentially a global democracy. If this interests you, now is the time to step up and mobilize support.

Get Involved

There are a multitude of ways to become involved. For starters, join the GWA’s coordination network by sending an email to After doing so, then make sure to take action through whichever of the following means interests you.

Social Media: For those on social media, like and share the Global Week of Action’s Twitter and Facebook pages and posts! Along with that, share your own pictures of you or a group of people with the Week of Action’s slogan “World Parliament Now!” on whichever social media platform(s) you use. For any posts related to the Global Week of Action, make sure to add #worldparliament.

Events: To get the word out, organize public events, whether that be at a university, public square or a social center. At these events, ask those interested to sign the appeal for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). The link to the appeal is: Also, make sure to sign it yourself! The more people that do, the more weight this appeal will hold.

Ask for Support: Call on prominent people to endorse the Global Week of Action and/or the international appeal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly. These people could be a local member of parliament, local groups, civil society organizations, NGOs, etc.

Start a Conversation

Overall, take action as you see fit; whether that be through social media, organizing an event, asking for support, or just having a discussion with your peers about the Global Week of Action and the appeal for a UNPA. By starting conversations with various people through these different means, the idea of a World Parliament can become a more valid possibility for the future; these conversations can help us reflect on what is needed in terms of governance for a world that is becoming ever the more globalized and connected.

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