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Global Cooperation

Global Citizen Engagement and Recognition

By March 13, 2021No Comments

The goal is to make individuals think of themselves as global citizens first. Thinking “global citizen first” will change your frame of mind when campaigning for climate issues or human rights, as you will see yourself as instructing your national government instead of asking. This new frame of mind will make a big difference.

Challenges and Opportunities that Stem from the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has shown us how much can be achieved in the face of adversity when global collaboration takes place, as we can see in the work of the scientists creating the vaccines. It has shown what some populations are prepared to forfeit and endure for the good of their communities. And for the developed countries it has shown that their vast potential wealth can be used to bail out their economies and secure many people’s livelihoods. For Europe and the US in particular, their potential to borrow at such low interest rates means it made sense to borrow heavily to preserve jobs and industries. The analysis of the various approaches will continue for a long time, but it is clear that the current international structures are inadequate to ensure future collaboration in times of health crises.  We also could greatly improve future responses by making sure the developed world doesn’t leave behind the developing world in responding to the crisis.

Oceans and Seas Need Global Governance

The oceans and seas are one of the world’s most valuable resource. It is therefore crucial that States are not allowed to claim ownership of parts of them nor extend their territorial waters beyond 12 nautical miles to access the seabed and/or fossil fuels. By making people aware that the oceans and seas belong to all of us collectively, we will increase the justification for better global governance and a world parliament. We should be looking to set up Citizens’ Assemblies of the Seas which can then engage with the International Maritime Organization so that global citizens can have direct oversight on decisions to protect this great resource.

Vaccine Passports are Coming, and There Needs to be a Global Solution

It would be best if a global organization took ownership of the process of creating vaccine passports.  The goal of this process should be that access to a global ID containing vaccination details be available to everyone in the world who has had a vaccine or has been exempted.  Everyone should be able to access this global ID and use it to receive travel permissions and services. National Governments can set up their own agreements and systems if they are compatible with the global database.

The Time For Global Citizenship Is Now

We must move now while the populations of the world are in shock and are looking for improvements to global governance. Recognising Global Citizenship as a tangible personal asset with responsibilities and rights should be paramount for those looking for a fairer and more equitable global society.

Stuart Clark is currently a board member and Nominations Officer for the Federalist Party.
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.
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