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Cincinnati Supports Week for World Parliament

By October 25, 2021No Comments

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions sponsored a demonstration on October 25, 2021 in support of the Week for World Parliament. The photo was taken at the “Scales of Justice” on the Campus of Xavier University in Cincinnati.

As global crises increase, people across the world, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, express their discontent with existing forms of political representation, which leave them voiceless in global decision-making.

Global Problems Need Global Solutions

We have many, many global problems. From the uncoordinated response to our global pandemic, to the wrecking of our life-supporting ecosystems, to the failure to protect human rights, the critical need for nuclear disarmament, to the lack of regulation of global markets and financial systems, to overcoming socio-economic inequalities – these and many others are all global problems that require global solutions. But who is accountable for dealing with these problems from a truly global perspective?

In order to create global solutions, we need a global political body that can facilitate global democratic discussions and take global decisions. Today, the world’s citizens have little influence on decisions taken at institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the WTO, the World Bank, the G20 or the G8. The governments represented in these bodies – bodies frequently made up by a small, self-selected group – meet and decide our future, while often being influenced heavily by the lobbyists of global corporations. The primary concern of these governments is to defend what they consider to be in their national interests and not the common good of humanity and the environment.

Give the People a Voice

Who should speak for the people of the world? The people should decide for themselves! In a democratic order, citizens already elect representatives at multiple levels. There are city councils, provincial or state parliaments and national parliaments. In Europe there’s even a continental parliament. And yet for global matters that affect each and every person on the planet, there exists no elected world parliament.

A world parliament would be an instrument to find and implement solutions that are democratic, accountable and serve the best interest of humanity. It would reflect the social, political, religious, ethnical, and cultural variety of all the world’s citizens, transcending national boundaries.

Take Action

We, the participants in this week of action, agree on the fundamental idea that the world’s citizens should vote for their world representatives. If you agree you can sign the global letter at

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