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Tad Daley

Global Cooperation
April 7, 2019

HG Wells and the War to End War

It has become a cliché to observe that the First World War served as the launching pad for almost everything…
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Tad Daley and Harris Wofford
Federation of Nations
February 24, 2019

My Friend Harris Wofford Jr. 1926-2019: Prophet of a United States of the World

Tad Daley (Director of Policy Analysis for CGS), last year with former US Senator and JFK confidant Harris Wofford (founder…
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At the United Nations Children represent their nations in costume and with flags
Federation of Nations
March 26, 2017

​Why Not ‘A Global Anthem,’ Donald Trump? Who Does ‘Represent the World,’ Steve Bannon?

In his speeches before both CPAC and the U.S. Congress, President Trump described with pinpoint accuracy the sovereign state system…
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