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An Innovation Agenda for UN 75

By July 6, 2019No Comments
An Innovation Agenda for UN 75

With the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter less than one year away, the Stimson Center has laid out “An Innovation Agenda for UN 75” that includes:

  • The creation of a UN Peacebuilding Council to replace the current Peacebuilding Commission and give it a conflict-prevention mandate. With a focus on nations and regions in post-peacekeeping and non-peacekeeping environments, the new Council would supplant the long-dormant Trusteeship Council.
  • Establish a green technology licensing facility in the Green Climate Fund to expand access to critical climate mitigation and adaptation technologies in developing countries while respecting the intellectual property rights of their creators, offering incentives for public-private partnerships in developing green technology.
  • Assemble a UN Parliamentary Network as an advisory body of people’s representatives to let members of national legislatures advise the General Assembly directly on key governance issues.

In early June, Fabrizio Hochschild Drummond of Chile, appointed by Secretary-General António Guterres as Special Adviser for 75th Anniversary Preparations, addressed a Stimson Center event and laid out Guterres’s agenda for “UN@75”, including the use of a mix of intellectual, communications, media, and engagement tools in order to catalyze widespread public engagement on the role of the UN system in addressing global challenges.

An Aspirational Plan

The planning document for UN@75 recognizes that an unprecedented confluence of existential threats, systems changes and new actors, including the role of mega-corporations and tech giants, present new governance challenges. This is much more ambitious than the goals for the 70th anniversary commemoration in 2015, and faces long odds considering the current populist trend away from internationalism in many parts of the world.

Supporters of the UN are lending aid to Guterres as he pursues this bold agenda. For the past two years, the UN2020 Initiative, an international civil society network, has campaigned to use the anniversary as an opportunity to involve governments and other UN stakeholders in a process of stocktaking, review, and consideration of measures to strengthen the UN.

Far from taking the UN for granted, it is critical that U.S. and other world leaders reimagine and reinvigorate our second-generation world organization to meet the looming challenges of the 21st century.

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