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Activists interrupt UN: “Your failure to act is leading to extinction!”

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A Broadway actor leapt over a barricade to the front of the United Nations and warned national leaders that their failure to act is plunging us toward extinction.

Garry Davis, age 27, war veteran and former bomber pilot, called on the delegates to create a parliament of, by and for the people of Earth — so we the people can have a say in saving our planet. “If you can’t do it, step aside and a Peoples World Assembly will arise from our ranks to do it,” Davis shouted.

UN security forces grabbed Davis. As they tussled with him, Colonel Robert Sarrazac leapt up on the opposite balcony and shouted in French: “In the name of the people of the world not represented here, I interrupt!” One after another protesters continued Davis’ speech adding: “The nations you represent divide us and lead us to the brink.”

Protest Planned by Respected Leaders

Pierre Berge’, one of the protesters, said the interruption was planned and executed by “very famous writers such as John Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Andre Breton, Simone de Beauvoir, Raymond Queneau, and many, many others,” including Andre Gide and Abbe Pierre.

The protesters had entered the hall as individuals scattered among the balcony audience. On Mr. Davis’ signal they began one by one to spring into action – holding the floor for over an hour!

“The surprising thing about this event,” said David Gallup, President of the World Service Authority founded by Garry Davis, “is that it occurred November 19th — back in 1948.”

Start of the Movement

The interruption, captured by newsreel footage, galvanized war-weary Europe – and helped spark a movement that culminated when the United Nations unanimously passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th!

That footage and more are in a remarkable film that Martin Sheen and Director Arthur Kanegis are offering in a special online screening — from now through December 10 at

Actor Martin Sheen likened Garry Davis’ historic act to Greta Thunberg today, particularly Greta Thunberg,” Sheen said. ” She just stands — and by her very presence is a force to be reckoned with. She is the future. It belongs to her. She has more right to say what we should be doing than any of the people that are currently in power.”

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