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2020 Ballot for Action Network Board of Directors

Citizens for Global Solutions Action Network

According to the bylaws of the Citizens for Global Solutions Action Network (CGS-AN), the members elect the Directors to the Board for a 3 year term.  (The bylaws for CGS-AN can be found at

To be a voting member, you must have paid your $25 dues to the CGS-AN in the past 12 months.  Membership dues for CGS-AN must be made by check and mailed to Citizens for Global Solutions Action Network, 5 Thomas Circle NW, Washington, DC 20005.

This ballot was created by soliciting nominations from the grassroots leaders and other members and is recommended by the CGS-AN Board.  Voting members may add to the proposed ballot the name(s) of other candidates by submitting a petition with the signatures of 4 other voting members. Petitions with signatures must be submitted to the Leadership Committee no later than April 30, 2020.  Send an email to  All Board candidates must be paid members who support the vision and mission of CGS, are willing to work to help raise funds for CGS, and agree to behave according to the organizational values.  The organizational values can be found at the bottom of this webpage:

Details of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation will appear on the CGS web site on this webpage:

You can vote for all, none, or selected members of this board recommended ballot.  A check mark or “X” in front of the name will be considered a vote for the candidate.  Or to select all candidates you can use the box at the end of the list.  Bios can be found on this webpage:

Download the ballot and donation form here.

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