Chuck Woolery

Guest Blogger

Chuck Woolery attended Colorado State University, graduating with a B.S. in Biology. While teaching, he learned of the horrific global child death toll from easily preventable hunger and malnutrition related to poverty and decided to change careers. After finishing the book, "Ending Hunger: An idea whose time has come," and organizing political grassroots efforts in California, he moved to Washington DC to become the first Media Director for RESULTS.

He was the first Director of the Alliance for Child Survivaland cofounded "The Global Connections Foundation. Heworked with the Global Health Council, the Action Board of the American Public Health Association and as Chair of the United Nations Association Council of Organizations. In 1998, the World Federalist Associationhired Chuck as Issues Director.

A year after 9-11, he left WFA and became active on the editorial board of the World Hunger Education Service and a school construction project in Haiti. He now speaks frequently regarding global threats and solutions to large groups of students and teachers, visiting Washington DC through the Close Up Foundation. He lives with his wife, children and assorted pets, in Rockville, Maryland and is working on his book, "The Trilemma: Maximizing freedom and security in an interdependent world.

January 11: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Enslaved Sex Worker Helps DHS Take Down Her Captors (photo from

January 11, 2017 is a special day.  Not because of the numeric coincidence of 1-11-17.  But because of the large number of human beings who remain victims of human trafficking, one of the most degrading, harmful and illegal injustices known on earth, and we have to be reminded of it. 

In 2007, the U.S. Senate designated January 11 as the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day --  making it the 10th year the world has virtually ignored it.  If we knew the real costs of this global injustice we would not need to be reminded.  This crime is not just costly.  It has deadly and potentially catastrophic consequences for us all.

The Senate marked this day not just to generate awareness, but to generate action. Now they need to take it.  Remind them with a phone call, email, tweet, hand written letter, or personal visit.  Why?  Because the only thing that remains missing is the political will to end it.  The political will to create a global structure and system with the means to dismantle trafficking networks and assist survivors in rebuilding their lives, and sometimes their nation.

There are three fundamental ‘self-evident truths’ that will persist in our new ‘post-truth’ era when dealing with nearly any global problem.

435 Campaign for Global Justice: US Global Justice Corps

Floor of US House of Representatives

Don’t just vote….Petition for Justice.  

“Don’t boo!  Vote!” President Obama retorted after a crowd reacted to promises of the GOP Presidential Nominee leading up to the 2016 election.  Although voting is an important first step for citizens, it is not the only step we can take to have an impact on our politics and our lives.  It matters greatly what we do as citizens between elections.  Educating our elected officials, regardless of our opinion of them, can make an enormous and lasting difference.

‘We the people’ have the right (dare I say duty) to petition our elected officials on what we see is needed.  And, we can do it every day of the year between elections.  This means that a small group of committed souls with loving persistence can regularly educate their policy makers.  The policy makers can be swayed using accurate, detailed and locally relevant information on why it is in their own best interest (and the interest of his/her constituents) to support or lead on a specific policy issue.  This is how our government is supposed to work. Too often ‘we the people’ leave policy makers to the influence of paid corporate lobbyists.    

Cell Phones vs. Terrorist Cells?

There is only one number you need to know to determine why encrypted devices and those who want them will win this legal battle between the FBI and Apple. And it doesn’t matter what that number is as long as it’s more than “one.”  

The fact is that even if the FBI, CIA and NSA win every Supreme Court case to open encrypted devices in their quest to detect terrorist cells before they strike, there are over 500 devices and programs offering encryption by foreign companies--where US courts have no jurisdiction.

And the Apple phone can easily use a foreign encryption app over which our Supreme Court has no authority.

It appears computer encryption will always be ahead of those who want to break encryption, even if there were a world law forcing companies to do so. Why? Because an app can be created and distributed in someone's car using a cell phone, with virtually no possibility of being caught in the act.

Unless someone creates a “truth machine,”  a scenario explored in a late 1990s science fiction novel by the same name, there is only one effective means of preventing future terrorist attacks: stop making terrorists! Not just religious extremists, but extremists of any kind (environmental, racial, political, economic, etc.)