2016 Member Preferences Survey

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Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS) members work each year on a number of themes within our vision for a democratically governed world. It is important that we choose concerns and approaches that are important to you. Your answers to this survey will help us frame our education and advocacy work through the end of this year and into 2017.

To show our appreciation, we will randomly select five respondents to receive a copy of Transforming the United Nations System by Joseph Schwartzberg, former CGS Board member and Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota. To be eligible, responses must be received by September 10th, 2016. Winners will then be notified by email.


Issue Interests

Please choose up to 3 issues which you passionately believe CGS should have as its highest priorities, marking others as medium or low priority in your opinion.

Low PriorityMedium PriorityHigh Priority
Climate Security
Defense vs. Diplomacy Spending
Ending Genocide and Mass Atrocities
Global Democracy and Institutions
Nuclear Proliferation
Trans National Corporate Accountability
Electing a Globally Minded Congress
Women and Children's Rights
Protection and Governance of the Oceans
Reforming the United Nations