Global Citizens on the Hill

Global Citizens on the Hill

On June 19th, 2014 Global Citizens gathered in Washington, DC to advocate for the best solutions to the world's greatest challenges. Partnering with the American Bar Association's Center for Human Rights, we raised our global voice and had scheduled meetings with 61 Congressional offices.

Below, we've laid out the issues and solutions that we focused on.

Global IssueGlobal Solution
Funding UN peacekeeping mission to CAR
  • Include funds for this mission in FY2015 appropriations
  • Remove the peacekeeping funding cap
  • Re-establish diplomatic engagement
Women's rights
  • Ratify CEDAW; aka the Women's Rights Treaty
  • Sign our petition and demand your Senator's support for this treaty
Rights of persons with disabilities
International criminal justice
  • Ratify the Rome Statute; founding document of the International Criminal Court (ICC)
  • Repeal laws prohibiting funds to the ICC
  • Lift restrictions to aiding the ICC with professional training, apprehensions, and prosecutions

We thank everyone that came to Washington, DC to lobby Congress with us!

With your help the day was a tremendous success. We established and strengthened our relations with members of Congress, affirmed their view on several important global issues, and most importantly, made our voices heard! Never doubt the importance of constituents voicing their opinions - even if the member isn't predisposed to be agreeable!

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