Volunteers Wanted

Calling All Cyber Volunteers!

Do you have some serious hi-tech Kung Fu?

There are many ways to support the causes that you care about. This page is for folks who want to have a real impact on global issues, but may not see themselves as citizen lobbyists, letter-writers, community speakers, petition signers, or traditional grassroots organizers.

Have we described you?

We think that it's okay to spend time wondering how to say 'Battlestar Galactica' in Klingon as well as feed your desire to end global poverty. You can lend your talents and endless creativity to the work that we do by volunteering a bit of your technical knowledgeWe're always looking for people willing to volunteer their time to help us reach others in ways that are interesting, cutting-edge...dare we say fun?

Let your imagination run wild:

If you already have some ideas or a very specific skill, email us here and tells us all about it.  We likely can't pay you (you noticed that we're a non-profit, right?) but we'll send you a healthly dose of good karma, and probably a t-shirt and some rediculous chotchkies as a thank you!

Able and willing to share a few hours of your genius but not sure where to begin? Send us an email describing your IT skills and hobbies and we can put our collective heads together!

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