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The "Introducing Global Solutions" Video Contest

Our Fall multimedia contest wrapped up at the end of October, and boy was it an exciting one! Over 100 submissions came to us by web, email, snail-mail and carrier pidgeon (that last part was a lie...we just really want that to happen someday!)

Congratulations to each and every artist who submitted your very creative work to make this contest not only a success in the moment, but left us with a legacy of excellent quality videos that will help GlobalSolutions.org to introduce and define our organization to the world for months and perhaps years to come! We appreciate the efforts of each and every one of you!

Drum Roll...and now for the winners...


First Place Winner ~ $600

Richard Stevens, Age 24
Hometown: Lewisville, TX

"I learned the idea of a 'global citizen' is more popular than I thought. In America right now it seems we are divided over everything; it's nice to see that helping everybody everywhere is a sentiment that still lives when outside your window seems the opposite ... If you want to reach as many people as possible, don't try anything, try everything!"

Second Place Winner ~ $400

Tim Armstrong, Age 21
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

"When I was 16 I won a scholarship to visit a country in the third world. This opened my eyes to human rights issues that existed as a result of poverty. I visited Cambodia earlier this year and was glad to see that justice is beginning to prevail through their laws in regards to human trafficking ... We need to continue to be motivated and informed about what we can do to assist the voiceless."

Third Place Winner (Tie!) ~ $200

David Sanchez, Age 20
Hometown: Racine, WI

Last year as a freshmen in college, I spent the majority of mornings sleeping through my alarm. This year I decided to utilize those few hours every day to eat a big breakfast and read the New York Times. Within just a few months of daily reading I feel I have increased my knowledge of global issues by tenfold ... I'm now a huge advocate for keeping upto date with current global news!

Third Place Winner (Tie!) ~ $200

Karan Panesar, Age 17
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA

"Although I knew about extreme poverty, lack of water and food, GlobalSolutions.org has helped me expand my knowledge about global issues. Now I know that apart from poverty and food scarcity, the planet faces other problems such as genocide and human rights violations ... Humanity must work together in order to resolve international problems. Unity indeed holds tremendous power ... One must help for the satisfaction of his/her own heart, not for the expectation of something in return."

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