Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Unregulated nuclear weapons systems continue to pose a threat to our global civilization. Since our founding, CGS has sought to reduce nuclear weapons and promote binding international regulation of nuclear materials. Today's changing global security environment, hacking of national security systems, and rise in terrorism reinforce the need to abolish Cold War-era weapons that fail to provide genuine global security.

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Spending hundreds of billions on nukes makes no sense. It's insane.
Tell your Senator that the U.S.'s own test ban should be an international rule.

News and Updates

Olympic Rings On Map of World
By Rene Wadlow | February 15, 2018 - 9:54pm EST
The holding of the Winter Olympics in  South Korea from 9 to 25 February followed by the Paralympics 9 to 18 March may be an an opportunity to undertake negotiations in good faith to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and to establish, or re-establish, forms of cooperation between the two Korean governments. Such negotiations in good faith would be in the spirit of what is known as the "Olympics Truce".  Truce in [...] Read More
Mattis thanks Vietnam for supporting NK sanctions Jan 2018
By Michael Sliwinski | February 11, 2018 - 9:00pm EST
Recently, the Trump Administration announced increased sanctions on travel to Cuba.  However, Cuba is not the only country to have sanctions leveled against it by the United States.  Other countries in the same situation include: Syria, Iran, Russia and North Korea to name just a few.[1]  Sanctions offer the US and other like-minded countries and economic unions, such as the EU, a way to alter another country or group’s [...] Read More
John Anderson in 1997 from WFA Historical Survey
By Larry M David | December 08, 2017 - 7:52am EST
Being asked to write John ’s obituary for the Citizens for Global Solutions website is a great honor.  His death is very personal to me.  His last voicemail message, captured on my phone, is a small treasure that never fails to lift my spirits. That still booming resonance, the shear tonal power of John Anderson’s voice was strong even in his mid-nineties. Driven by a fearless and brilliantly-insightful intellect, [...] Read More