Global Democracy & Governance

How might the people of our world work with one another to govern ourselves more effectively on a global level? Are there alternatives to current practices that result in war, extreme poverty, and the unchecked power and influence of wealthy transnational corporations?

We envision and advocate for enhanced global governance, including stages toward an eventual united federation of nations. Certain institutional innovations inside and outside the United Nations could in the meantime help avert armed conflict, finance environmental restoration, and empower civil society’s voice in global decision-making.

Latest Campaigns

Women and children are often the earliest victims of mass atrocities. Support a code of conduct limiting use of the veto against early intervention in these situations.
Do your neighbors have a say in climate legislation, income inequality, or the prevention of war?
If you feel that our current political system is inadequate to deal with growing global challenges, you are not alone!
A UN Rapid Deployment Force will allow the United Nations to protect civilians and undertake humanitarian missions more quickly, saving more lives.


Blogs & Updates

Robert M. Hutchins, left, shows a volume of Great Books of the Western World to publisher of Encyclopædia Britannica William Benton (Courtesy of Encyclopædia Britannica Kids)
By Rene Wadlow | January 22, 2016 - 2:00pm EST
Much of our current work for a more just and peaceful world builds on the thinking and efforts of earlier foundations. The work of Robert M. Hutchins, long-time president of the University of Chicago, played a leading role. In 1929, at age 30, Hutchins--already the dean of the Yale Law School--was tapped by the University of Chicago to become the youngest university president in the United States. But it was his creation [...] Read More
Pope Francis meets with poor children in the Philippines
By Andreas Bummel | January 20, 2016 - 10:00am EST
The following is the introduction to an updated paper by Dr. Maja Brauer and Mr. Andreas Bummel with the German-based Committee for a Democratic UN (KDUN). The full paper is available on KDUN's website here. On June 18, 2015, Pope Francis published his second encyclical titled Laudato Si (Praise be to you). On behalf of Christianity, the Pope urged responsibility in dealing with humanity’s “common home,” the earth. The [...] Read More
The Alliance launches an attack against the Death Star over Yavin (Courtesy of
By Daniela Baughman | December 03, 2015 - 2:00pm EST
We have been sold a story that goes like this: spend more on weapons, get more peace. But a strong government with an overpowering military didn't stop Luke Skywalker from joining the Rebel Alliance and launching an attack against the Death Star. It didn't stop Katniss from defying the Capitol. And it didn't stop Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Army from opposing the corrupt Ministry of Magic. La Résistance is an [...] Read More