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Host a Global Solutions House Party!It's time to party with friends and family for a good cause! Host a house party, have a lot of fun and connect with your friends on the global issues that you are most passionate about.

What are the house parties raising funds for this year?

This year we are working on several key issues to promote global peace and justice, including:

Justice for Global terrorism

The Islamic State’s terrorist acts and crimes against humanity constitute an unprecedented threat to international peace and security. No actions against ISIS will be effective if the perpetrators of these atrocities are not brought to trial. It’s time to refer ISIS to the International Criminal Court, and CGS is keeping the pressure on the UN Security Council to do so.

Climate Security

Now that world leaders have reached the Paris Agreement, we need to make sure the U.S. upholds our end of the bargain. We’re lobbying Congress to take the lead on curbing emissions and protecting our global climate.

Genocide Prevention

Despite the vow after World War II that genocides and mass atrocities would "never again" happen, such horrors continue to end the lives of innocent civilians around the world. To remedy this problem, Citizens for Global Solutions is promoting:

  • The Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act, which will make effectively responding to atrocities and violent conflict a priority in U.S. foreign policy;
  • A UN Rapid Deployment Force to provide early intervention and prevent small conflicts from escalating into humanitarian crises; and
  • A Code of Conduct limiting the UN Security Council’s use of the veto to in mass atrocity situations.

Our primary goal is to energize and mobilize Americans to take action on these vital issues. Hosting a fundraiser allows you to express your passion for Citizens for Global Solutions and to inspire your friends and colleagues to effect change through citizen action and global leadership.

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