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Don’t just vote….Petition for Justice.  

“Don’t boo!  Vote!” President Obama retorted after a crowd reacted to promises of the GOP Presidential Nominee leading up to the 2016 election.  Although voting is an important first step for citizens, it is not the only step we can take to have an impact on our politics and our lives.  It matters greatly what we do as citizens between elections.  Educating our elected officials, regardless of our opinion of them, can make an enormous and lasting difference.

‘We the people’ have the right (dare I say duty) to petition our elected officials on what we see is needed.  And, we can do it every day of the year between elections.  This means that a small group of committed souls with loving persistence can regularly educate their policy makers.  The policy makers can be swayed using accurate, detailed and locally relevant information on why it is in their own best interest (and the interest of his/her constituents) to support or lead on a specific policy issue.  This is how our government is supposed to work. Too often ‘we the people’ leave policy makers to the influence of paid corporate lobbyists.    

Never before have we had such powerful tools to communicate important information so quickly and organize others so well.  Highfalutin ideas and humanitarian motives don’t always move our elected officials to action.  Protecting the freedom, security and prosperity of their constituents usually can.  These are all non-partisan motivations.  And, accurate, timely and specific information can leverage policy action.  Working together with others in your community who see themselves as both national and global citizens will be essential in collecting the local information needed for creating sufficient “political will” in your Congressional District.  “Political will” is the one missing ingredient needed to fulfill the self-evident truth that ‘all people are created equal’ and endowed with certain inalienable rights including, but not limited to, ‘life, liberty’ and ‘justice for all’.

Existing systems and structures in the US and the world are incapable of delivering on this universal promise.  As individuals we can assist in changing that with committed action.   The one global agreement that needs urgent attention is the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the year 2030.  Achieving these goals would be a close equivalent to enforcing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (68th Anniversary on Dec. 10, 2016) which was intended to prevent future wars.  Globally applied, the SDGs would fulfill most human rights and would also help prevent most pandemics, terrorism, genocides, wars, and environmental disruptions. They also would best assist humanity in addressing the threats we cannot prevent.

There are only 435 Congressional Districts in the US. It is entirely possible to find 435 individuals (one person in each) to form a nucleus of a local community movement.  A movement of movements that could have profound global consequences.  It starts with individuals taking a stand.  

If you see yourself as an individual willing to take such a stand we will do our best to empower you in your own Congressional District.  Click here to read more about the 435 Campaign for Global Justice and CGS’ efforts to build a US Global Justice Corps.  To be included in the Justice Corps send your name, email and zipcode+4 to chuck@igc.org.  Your remaining time on this troubled planet will either be spent as a passenger or a crew member.  The choice is yours.  Help work for global justice between elections.


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