Faithful Against Torture

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Faithful Against Torture

Publisher:; Reissue edition (52 pages)
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Enholm is proud to announce the release of Faithful Against Torture, a collection of essays by people of faith considering torture in the light of the principles, precepts and traditions of their religions. supports the establishment and enforcement of universal standards prohibiting torture.  We believe that the United States will be more secure in a world in which international treaties and norms prohibit torture and that U.S. service personnel and citizens will be safest when such standards are universally respected.

We have watched with alarm over the past few years as the U.S. has undermined universal standards by harnessing high-caliber legal talent to avoid the application of the standards established by the Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Convention against Torture.  We were dismayed when the U.S. established a detention facility in Guantanamo, Cuba, apparently in an attempt to put detainees in a legal limbo beyond the reach of any law.

Sometimes it has seemed that U.S. policy on torture has changed with every "news cycle."  Believing that policies on torture should be informed by fundamental values and knowing that men and women of faith have addressed questions about torture with the perspective and gravity that these questions deserve, we are pleased to offer the essays collected in Faithful Against Torture.

In Faithful Against Torture representatives of major faiths present their views on torture.  As the U.S. and its citizens learn what was done by our government, on our behalf, and in our name, and as we consider what rules and laws to establish in order to govern our behavior in the future, we will benefit from the analysis and values of religious thinkers who draw on the wisdom and traditions woven into our culture and our shared humanity.