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Seals Fails to Steal ILLINOIS 10

The 10th District of Illinois was considered a toss-up the day before the election. A suburb of Chicago, it was home to one of the nation's priciest and most competitive House races. While officially represented by a Republican, it went solidly to Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election.

Incumbent Mark Kirk (R), fought desperately to cling to his seat by touting a centrist platform throughout the race. Whereas, challenger Dan Seals (D), endorsed by President Obama, tried to paint Kirk as more closely tied to the Republican Party than he claimed.

Upsetting an incumbent is always a challenge, but Seals was not new to the political game. He nearly took Kirk's seat in the 2006 race in which Kirk was reelected with 53 percent of the vote. Seals took home 47 percent. Unfortunately, this election didn't fare any better for CGS' endorsed candidate Mr. Seals. Representative Mark Kirk earned the victory last night- winning 54% of the votes, while Seals only claimed 46%.

Although Dan Seals did not win this election as had hoped, all may not be lost with Mark Kirk. The Representative from Illinois' 10th District earned a moderate B- on our Congressional score card for voting against CGS positions on Health & Development, Development Aid, treatment of Detainees, and Intelligence Authorization bills. Perhaps the closeness of this election will serve as a motivating factor for Representative Kirk to improve his voting record on global issues.

In the term ahead, we will do our best to work with Mr. Kirk towards a better future.

Howard Berman Wins California 28

Representative Howard Berman of California's 28th District has won his fourteenth bid for Congress, after running uncontested in this year's election cycle. Berman has been an exceptional force in the House, bringing his experience and oversight to an impressive number of bills relating to international affairs budgets and peacekeeping matters. As Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Berman has been instrumental in brokering the deal on President Bush's anti-AIDS initiative, amongst other achievements. has recognized Berman's efforts, and most recently awarded the Representative an A+ in our Congressional Report Card for voting the way CGS would on many of the international issues. We at CGS are excited and honored in congratulating Berman on another term in office.

U.S. Senate Race in Georgia Heads toward Possible Runoff

As of this writing it appears that the U.S. Senate race in Georgia between Saxby Chambliss (R-Incumbent) and Jim Martin (D) is headed for a runoff on Tuesday, December 2. The runoff is sure to attract national attention as the Democrats seek to build their working majority in the Senate, and to capitalize on the momentum of the election victory of Barack Obama, and the Republicans seeks to secure a line of defense in the Senate.

This runoff is important to because, on the issues that concern our organization, there is a clear difference between the candidates. Chambliss has received consistently low grades in our recent annual Congressional Report Cards: an "F" in 2008, a "D-" in 2007, a "D" in 2006, and an "F" in 2005.

Martin, by contrast, in completing our Candidates' Questionnaire, shows a positive orientation toward international issues. He calls for the U.S. "to reestablish its credibility and stature in the world" by "engaging our allies and working cooperatively to address issues that affect us all." He supports or is favorably inclined toward the position supported by on issues ranging from the U.S. paying its U.N. dues and its assessment s for U.N. peacekeeping operations to the U.S, participating in international climate agreements. (You can see his answers to our Candidate Questionnaire online here.)

Martin was endorsed by the Global Solutions Political Action Committee, which contributed $2,000 to his campaign. Under the rules that regulate PACs, a runoff election is a separate election, and the PAC could make a contribution to a candidate of up to $5,000 in that race.

Dennis Kucinich Wins Ohio 10

Dennis Kucinich, a U.S. Representative since 1996, was reelected in the 10th District of Ohio for his 7th term. Ohioans were not surprised by his win, since he fundraised nearly seven times more than his Republican competitor, James Trakas, who lost by 18 % votes. His experience from primary elections 2004 and 2008 when he ran for Democratic nomination for President of the United States, helped him, too.

Voters appreciated his focus on economy, health care, workers rights, NAFTA or the end of Iraq war.

As a strong advocate of peaceful coexistence, consensus building, disarmament, and respect for international treaties of conflicts in the world, he was endorsed by He proposes to establish a Department of Peace.

Pingree Triumphs in Maine 01

Last night, Chellie Pingree triumphed over Charlie Summers, 56% to 44%, claiming Maine's 1st District House seat. Newcomer, Chellie Pingree is a former Maine State Senator, businesswoman and former CEO of Common Cause. This will be her first term serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.

At Common Cause, Chellie Pingree worked to "foster collaboration between influential nongovernmental leaders from partner countries to better address government accountability issues."

Representative Pingree will hopefully be a true CGS advocate. On her campaign website, Pingree declared her support for increased global interaction, "America must no longer be seen as an aggressor in the world. We need to embrace a new foreign policy to restore our reputation. In the future we must work cooperatively with other nations, acting multilaterally first and unilaterally only if necessary." CGS endorsed Chellie Pingree because we feel that once in office, she will work hard to promote global engagement and international cooperation.

Congratulations Chellie Pingree! We look forward to following your Congressional career.

Jim McGovern Keeps MASSACHUSETTS 03

James P. McGovern is an incumbent, currently serving his 6th term in Congress. He ran uncontested this year and will remain Massachusetts' 3rd District representative in the House. McGovern's reelection, even though unchallenged, remains a triumph for and for the world. Over the years, McGovern's voting record has earned him an A+ rating on our Congressional Report Card.

Among his many achievements, Representative McGovern earned extra credit on our Congressional Report Card for his work on peacekeeping, global health, and human rights. He was a cosponsor of H. Res. 213, which calls for the creation of a U.N. Emergency Peacekeeping Service. He has been a leader in the House to increase and make mandatory funding for International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Programs in the Farm Bill Reauthorization Act. He gave numerous floor speeches on the genocide in Darfur and organized and hosted a briefing for House colleagues and the House Hunger Caucus on global HIV/AIDS and Food Insecurity. To show his dedication to the cause, he actually traveled to Ethiopia, Kenya and Chad to examine food aid programs, food security and safety net programs in Ethiopia, school feeding programs in Kenya; and emergency operations with Darfur refugees and with Chadian IDPs in eastern Chad. More recently, in September of this year, McGovern, who co-chairs the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, held a briefing on 'Genocide-Free Investing,' in which he expressed his desire to "promote responsible investment" that will not contribute to genocide.

Congratulations Representative McGovern, your victory is a victory for the world!

Woolsey claims CALIFORNIA 06

Lynn Woolsey has served in Congress for over sixteen years, and yesterday she defeated her challenger, Mike Halliwell with a resounding 72% to 24% victory. Representative Woolsey is a champion of CGS causes, earning an A rating on our Congressional Report Card and we are delighted to welcome her back to Washington.

As a member of the House she "proposed a plan called SMART Security , which is a Sensible, Multilateral American Response to Terrorism. Under this plan, war is an absolute last resort, to be pursued only after every diplomatic solution has been exhausted." Woolsey's plan involves fighting terrorism by "promoting multilateral partnerships and the better intelligence they bring - with an emphasis on respecting human and civil rights."

In addition to this, Woolsey is committed to nuclear non-proliferation, investing in economic and social development in impoverished nations, and developing renewable energy sources. She introduced House Res. 68 which recognized the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and called on the President to engage in nonproliferation strategies. Representative Woolsey also introduced House Res. 508, Bring the Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007, and H Res. 101, which called on the Senate to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). applauds you Representative Woolsey!

Keith Ellison Wins Minnesota 05

Incumbent Keith Ellison has been re-elected to represent Minnesota's 5th District, after first being elected in 2007, and now winning once again in this year's election cycle by 71% to 22% over Republican Davis White. Ellison is the first Muslim member of Congress, and also the first African-American representative of his district. In 2008 he received an A+ in our Congressional Report Card for his impressive track record of voting as a global citizen would. He successfully voted against reducing US contributions to international organizations, supported the Dingell motion for renewable energy and also voted in favor of prohibiting the use of unauthorized interrogation techniques. In addition, Ellison came to CGS' attention for his remarkable work in climate change, human rights and conflict resolution efforts. This year his campaign focused strongly on environmental sustainability, family support and civil and human rights. It is with great pleasure that extends its congratulations to Rep. Keith Ellison.

Chris Smith Wins New Jersey 04

Congressman Christopher Smith was first elected in 1980, and most recently in 2008 as a Representative of New Jersey's 4th District. In an area which usually votes Democratic, Smith, a decorated Congressman, has been able to stand out as a Republican representative, after defeating Democrat Zeitz 66% to 33% on election night. In 2008 CGS gave Smith a grade of B in our Congressional Report Card for his impressive work in the health, development and peacekeeping fronts. This year Smith appropriated more attention during his campaign to initiating health care reforms, striving to protect human rights and to maintain New Jersey's beautiful environment. He has stated the "imperative" need to address issues like climate change, and has worked towards ensuring the US will spearhead campaigns to address global solutions to such issues. Our Political Action Committee has endorsed and contributed to Smith's campaign, and now would like to congratulate Chris Smith on his winning bid for Congress.

Carol Shea-Porter Wins New Hamphshire 01 would like to extend its congratulations to Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH 01) on winning the Congressional race in her district after defeating Republican Jeb Bradley 53% to 45%. The incumbent Representative of New Hampshire's 1st District, Shea-Porter has been in office since 2006 and last year received an A grade in our annual Congressional Report Card. On the issues we care about most, Shea-Porter voted as a global citizen would - she opposed amendments that would have reduced fiscal contributions to international organizations, and supported a bill that prohibited the use of unauthorized interrogation techniques by officials. In her 2008 campaign Shea-Porter made it a priority of hers to re-focus attention upon climate change issues by structuring plans to achieve American energy independence by 2018 and by driving the campaign for the resurgence of civil liberties.