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Let National Leaders Inspire in Financial Turmoil

On November 15, world statesmen are gathering in Washington, DC to debate about global recession and a much needed change in the global financial architecture. This fall's summit, which should impose a new Bretton Woods order, is not the first international response to the financial crisis. Much has already been discussed in the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the Financial Stability Forum, the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, G7, and G20. Besides negotiating, actual measures showing international generosity and solidarity have been taken. Just during the last month, the IMF poured millions of dollars into various parts of the globe - $2.1 billion in Iceland, $16.5 billion in Ukraine and $15.7 billion in Hungary. Pakistan and Belarus might receive a financial boost in upcoming days too.

Solutions are being sought on the international level, because the problems are also international. Many prominent economists, including Nobel Prize laureates Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, have asked how to cope with almost unprecedented economic slowdown. Their message is clear; the world needs a working international body which should warn us about the next crisis in advance. Despite some differences, all their suggestions have one thing in common; they contain the word "global".

Veterans Day: Remember what it stands for

November 11th is Veterans Day in America, marking the official end of "The War to End All Wars" was an unnecessary war created and fueled by the greed and power-hunger of all nations involved. "Never again" people said after it ended, however the treaty of Versailles laid the foundation of World War II, which was even more devastating than the first. It was a failure of the world community itself.

Washington Summit: Another Defining Moment in the United States?

This upcoming weekend, statesmen from twenty different countries will meet in the White House and intensively discuss solutions for the financial crisis. After the summit of the EU in Brussels and G-20 in Brazil last week, this November 15 the highest political representatives are heading to the U.S. capital at the initiative of the U.S. President. George W.

Initial stats on the elections

As I just posted, there are still some races pending. However, I wanted to get some numbers up to show how Global Solutions PAC has done so far.

  • Overall Win rate: We've won 155 races so far, giving us a win rate of 88.07 percent. If we win the remaining six races, that rate will go up to 88.46 percent.
  • Challenger win rate: So far we've won 30.77 percent of our races and that could go up to 41.94 percent.
  • Wins where we contributed: We're at 75 percent now and that could climb up to 77.78 percent
  • We've won 9 Senate races where we endorsed, including helping to elect 4 new Senators: Mark Udall (Colorado), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Tom Udall (New Mexico) and Jeff Merkley (Oregon). If we win the remaining Senate races, that would push us up to 12 wins with 7 new Senators.
  • We've won 146 House races where we endorsed, including 4 new Representatives: Chellie Pingree (ME-01), Martin Heinrich (NM-01), Eric Massa (NY-29) and Gerry Connolly (VA-11). If we win the remaining races, that would push us up to 149 wins, including 6 new Representatives.

Now, for some pictures that display some of the same information, but also include results from the last two cycles as well as the current one.

First up is the number of races we've won and lost:

Next up is the number of races we've won and lost when we made a contribution to the candidate:

And finally, let me show you how many new Members of Congress we've elected each cycle:

Pending races - a second glance

It's been almost a week since the historic elections of 2008. We still have six races pending, evenly divided between the House and the Senate.

As I posted about earlier, in the Senate, we have:

  • Alaska: currently they're counting absentee ballots, about 80,000 of them. Incumbent Senator Ted Stevens remains in the lead, but it's only by about 3,200 votes over our supported candidate, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. This race is going to take awhile to resolve and could involve a recount. Ballots are still arriving from overseas; they need to be received by November 19th. The final count of absentee and questioned ballots is set for that day and certification of the election will be on November 25th.
  • Georgia: The race between our candidate Jim Martin and incumbent Saxby Chambliss is headed to a runoff on December 2nd. Neither candidate achieved the required 50 percent plus 1 vote necessary to avoid a runoff. Both campaigns are gearing up for the short sprint to the 2nd. I'm sure we'll have more to report on this exciting race.
  • Minnesota: This race is definitely going to a run with incumbent Norm Coleman over our challenger Al Franken by only 206 votes! Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is calling for patience as they move into the mandate recount process. With luck, Ritchie believes the recount of almost 3 million ballots will be complete by mid-December.

On the House side, we have:

Darcy Burner concedes in WA-08

On Friday, the Associated Press called the race in Washington's 8th Congressional District for incumbent Representative Dave Reichert. With 81 percent of the votes counted, Reichert leads Burner 52 to 48 percent.

We had supported Darcy Burner's challenge in this race. She conceded to Reichert late Friday night. Ms. Burner ran a great race and we are proud that we backed her principled and strong run.

Tom Perriello declares victory in VA-05

Tom Perriello has declared victory in a ridiculously tight race in Virginia's 5th Congressional District. Long thought a hard seat to win from incumbent Virgil Goode, Perriello succeeded with a razor thin margin. You may remember Goode as the Congressman who railed against Muslims in general and Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-05) in particular in 2006 and 2007. His vitriol alienated voters across the country who sought a new way in the 2008 elections. Looking solely at Global Solutions issues, Goode received two F's and two D-'s over the last four years. Not the kind of Representative we'd like to see in this seat that run from Charlottesville south to the North Carolina border.

Tom Perriello could be our poster child for an ideal challenger. He fully supports our issues, including funding the UN, addressing climate change, working with the ICC, supporting UNEPS and opposing new nuclear weapons. His background is ideal, having worked in Sierra Leone with child soldiers, pro-democracy groups, and aided in the post-civil war peace and reconciliation process. He also served as special advisor and spokesman for the prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Perriello pulled together an amazing campaign with volunteers throughout the district and strong fundraising. Global Solutions had backed candidates in this district in the past two election cycles, but our candidates hadn't come close to beating Goode. This time around, a great globally-minded candidate who we backed from the beginning, took on an anti-internationalist Goliath and appears to have won.

The race is still very close and once it is certified in the coming weeks, a recount could be asked for by the loser. We'll keep you updated on this very important race for

Local and National Media call NY-29 for Massa

Local and national media have called the race in upstate New York's 29th District. It was a rematch of the 2006 race where Congressman Randy Kuhl defeated Eric Massa by a few thousand votes. The day after the 2008 election, as votes were tallied, Massa took a strong several thousand vote lead. Currently, absentee and provisional ballots are being tallied, but based on the counted ballots and the results from 2006, it looks like Massa's lead will hold.

Why We're Happy About Our New Members of Congress

Following up on our enormously successful wins in 2006, continues to help elect candidates to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who care about engaging the world, tackling climate change, funding and working with international organizations, supporting peacekeeping and stopping the development of new nuclear weapons. While the dust hasn't settled yet on some of the races, we are very excited about our new Members of Congress. This is even more true due to who they're going to replace.

  • In Colorado, Senator Wayne Allard retired, but not before getting F's on our Congressional Report Card for the last 3 years. Senator-elect Mark Udall got an A+, A and an A during his tenure as the Representative from Colorado's 2nd District.
  • In New Mexico, Senator Pete Domenici also retired, leaving a legacy of D's and a C. He's being replaced by Senator-elect Tom Udall, who like his cousin in Colorado also received an A+, A and A over the last three years.
  • In New Hampshire, Senator John Sununu didn't retire. He lost to Senator-elect Jeanne Shaheen. Senator Sununu grades before his tight re-election race this year were: F, D and D-. Based on Shaheen's candidate questionnaire and talking with her campaign, we believe she'll be a great Senator for Global Solutions.
  • In the House, Chellie Pingree replaces Tom Allen, who left his seat to run for the U.S. Senate. We believe his record of A's will continue with Congresswoman-elect Pingree.
  • In Virginia's 11th District, Rep. Tom Davis retired. His grade of D+ will surely be replaced by a much better one from Congressman-elect Gerry Connolly.

We really want to thank our members for all they've done to make this success happen. Through their time, phone calls, contributions and local action, we're able to continue building a globalist majority in Congress! Thank you!

We'll have more information as it becomes available.

U.S. Government Knows, Human Trafficking Is Not an Issue of the Past

Although many of us may think of human trafficking as a problem of the past, even today destinies of millions of people all around the world are affected by forced labor, involuntary servitude, forced prostitution or pornography. Not only people in the Third World, but also Americans and citizens from other developed countries are still, unfortunately, encountering victims of so called modern-day slavery.