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Local and National Media call NY-29 for Massa

Local and national media have called the race in upstate New York's 29th District. It was a rematch of the 2006 race where Congressman Randy Kuhl defeated Eric Massa by a few thousand votes. The day after the 2008 election, as votes were tallied, Massa took a strong several thousand vote lead. Currently, absentee and provisional ballots are being tallied, but based on the counted ballots and the results from 2006, it looks like Massa's lead will hold.

Why We're Happy About Our New Members of Congress

Following up on our enormously successful wins in 2006, continues to help elect candidates to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who care about engaging the world, tackling climate change, funding and working with international organizations, supporting peacekeeping and stopping the development of new nuclear weapons. While the dust hasn't settled yet on some of the races, we are very excited about our new Members of Congress. This is even more true due to who they're going to replace.

  • In Colorado, Senator Wayne Allard retired, but not before getting F's on our Congressional Report Card for the last 3 years. Senator-elect Mark Udall got an A+, A and an A during his tenure as the Representative from Colorado's 2nd District.
  • In New Mexico, Senator Pete Domenici also retired, leaving a legacy of D's and a C. He's being replaced by Senator-elect Tom Udall, who like his cousin in Colorado also received an A+, A and A over the last three years.
  • In New Hampshire, Senator John Sununu didn't retire. He lost to Senator-elect Jeanne Shaheen. Senator Sununu grades before his tight re-election race this year were: F, D and D-. Based on Shaheen's candidate questionnaire and talking with her campaign, we believe she'll be a great Senator for Global Solutions.
  • In the House, Chellie Pingree replaces Tom Allen, who left his seat to run for the U.S. Senate. We believe his record of A's will continue with Congresswoman-elect Pingree.
  • In Virginia's 11th District, Rep. Tom Davis retired. His grade of D+ will surely be replaced by a much better one from Congressman-elect Gerry Connolly.

We really want to thank our members for all they've done to make this success happen. Through their time, phone calls, contributions and local action, we're able to continue building a globalist majority in Congress! Thank you!

We'll have more information as it becomes available.

U.S. Government Knows, Human Trafficking Is Not an Issue of the Past

Although many of us may think of human trafficking as a problem of the past, even today destinies of millions of people all around the world are affected by forced labor, involuntary servitude, forced prostitution or pornography. Not only people in the Third World, but also Americans and citizens from other developed countries are still, unfortunately, encountering victims of so called modern-day slavery.

Global Solutions PAC results at-a-glance

While Election Day has officially passed, there are still races undecided. But, rather than wait for all the dust to settle on the 2008 election cycle, we'd like to get out some statistics about how our political action committee, Global Solutions PAC, did. These are preliminary and they'll be updated as more information comes in.

  • 182: Candidates endorsed
  • 39: Number of states where we endorsed
  • 31: Challengers endorsed
  • 45: Candidates where we contributed
  • 43: Candidate questionnaires returned
  • 154: Wins so far!
  • 20: Losses so far
  • 89%: Win rate so far

New Senators we supported:

  • Mark Udall (Colorado)
  • Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire)
  • Tom Udall (New Mexico)
  • Jeff Merkley (Oregon)

New Representatives:

  • Chellie Pingree (Maine's 1st District)
  • Martin Heinrich (New Mexico's 1st District)
  • Gerry Connolly (Virginia's 11th District)

We have more races pending, including one that most have already called in New York's 29th District. That's the win of our challenger Eric Massa over incumbent Randy Kuhl. Mr. Massa hasn't declared victory yet; wanting to have every vote counted and each voice heard before accepting victory. We applaud Eric's conviction and hope the result holds!

Merkley Overcomes Smith in Oregon Senate Race

Jeff Merkley's win over Gordon Smith in Oregon is a great win for too. We endorsed and contributed to Jeff very early, back in 2007, before his primary. Global Solutions PAC contributed $7000 to his campaigns, more than any other candidate this cycle. Why? Because he is someone who believes in our issues and we believed he could overcome an entrenched incumbent.

We are excited to see a globally-minded individual like Jeff coming to Washington. Jeff Merkley is a seasoned state representative, having won his seat five times. After the 2006 elections, he became Speaker of the Oregon House and he has been called one of the most effective Speakers in decades. Prior to his career in the Oregon House, he worked to limit the spread of nuclear weapons as an analyst for the Pentagon and then later for Congress.

Jeff Merkley said the "U.S. needs to work closely with other nations to address the world's most pressing problems." He said it's time "to show leadership in supporting international institutions." He opposed developing new nuclear weapons and supported the nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

His opponent appeared to be the exact opposite. Sen. Smith voted against an amendment to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and has voted since 2005 for the U.S. to develop new nuclear weapons. He was against funding U.N. peacekeeping from 2005 through 2007.

Jeff Merkley wants to work with international organizations. He wants to tackle climate change. He opposes new nuclear weapons. He wants the U.S. to work with the International Criminal Court. He supports the U.N. Emergency Peace Service initiative. He is our kind of Senator. We are looking forward to greeting him at his swearing in ceremony in January.

McNerney easily defends his seat in California

Jerry McNerney, another Freshman member of Global Solutions' Class of 2006, fought back a challenger from Dean Andal to win in California's 11th District. In what was thought to be a tight race before the election, McNerney easily defeated Andal 55 to 45 percent.

Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-08) returning for a second term

Freshman Gabrielle Giffords, from Arizona's 8th District, won a resounding victory against challenger Tim Bee. Congresswoman Giffords was a member of Global Solutions Class of 2006 and we have been very proud of the work she's done in the 110th Congress. She received an A on our Congressional Report Card and holds a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Jeanne Shaheen Takes New Hampshire Senate seat

Jeanne Shaheen pulled off a win in New Hampshire, defeating one-term Senator John Sununu. This isn't just good news for her or her party, it's a win for Back in July, we talked with Shaheen and her campaign about our issues, working with our candidate questionnaire. One of the most exciting things was that she said the U.S. should slowly start engaging with the International Criminal Court.

This popular former Governor lost a close race to Sununu in 2002, but this time she won by over 40,000 votes (52 to 45 percent). Shaheen supports paying our assessed U.N. dues, wants to work on climate change, opposes new nuclear weapons and supports funding U.N. peace operations in hot spots like Darfur. And until he faced this serious challenger, Sen. Sununu got grades of F, D and D- on our Report Card. We're very pleased with this result.

On her questionnaire, Shaheen wrote: "I believe the United States needs to reestablish itself as a world leader that brings together countries to find solutions for the world's military, environmental, and economic issues. We need to rebuild our alliances and we need to restore our moral authority in the world by making it clear that we will abide by the Geneva Conventions."

We reached out to her campaign staff to offer our congratulations. We look forward to working with Senator-elect Shaheen in the 111th Congress.

Burner Washington 08 - Still Too Close to Call

According to Cooks Political Report, the race for Washington's 08 District seat was a toss-up the night before the election. Incumbent Rep. Dave Reichert (R) faced off against Darcy Burner (D), for the second time. In 2006, the two battled for the same seat with Reichert squeaking out a slight victory, 51% to 49%.

Prior to Election Day, Democrats argued that the economy and the general political climate of the country combined with an influx of Democratic residents to this suburban district of Seattle significantly helped Burners chances.

As it stands tonight, the race is still too close to call with 41% of the precincts reporting and Reichert ahead- 51% to 49%, according to CNN.

On our Congressional Report Card, Reichert earned a moderate B- grade for voting against CGS positions on nuclear weapons reduction, development aid, treatment of detainees, and intelligence issues. PAC supported Burner's candidacy in this race because of her commitment to our global values. On her campaign website Ms. Burner recognized the need for global progress towards a better future: "As technology and globalization transform our economy, the United States must use its market power to raise the bar on labor, environmental and intellectual property standards worldwide, rather than accept the lowest common denominator. We have fought for decades for fair standards that advance the well-being of all people, and we are at a moment of opportunity to see those standards adopted worldwide. I will fight to advance the middle class all over the world."

We will continue to follow this election and maintain our hope for a Burner victory in Washington.