Ruth Hecht Zinar 1920-2017

Image from Ruth's CGS Brochure
In late October we lost our dear Ruth when she expired after a short illness.
Ruth’s parents emigrated from Russia and settled in Brooklyn, where Ruth was born and grew up. Like nearly everyone of her generation she was effected by the Great Depression and World War II. She supported the United World Federalists from its inception. 
Ruth made her way through life as a pianist and music educator, gaining a PhD in musicology and retiring as a full professor of music at the City University of New York.
She was dedicated to public education and believed in community and strong public institutions including the community of the world, the UN, and world federation.
Married and mother to a son and daughter, Ruth enjoyed three grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She was dedicated to family, to her synagogue, to music education, and to CGS.
In her long years of retirement she voluntarily taught music to elementary school classes and played piano two hours per day right up until her final month when she fell seriously ill.
Ruth’s true essence shown through during her final visit to the emergency room. She was distressed, confused and speech-impared, likely the result of stroke. Nevertheless, she evoked her hero, Eleanor Roosevelt, as she implored her doctors to tell everyone she wished for a better world and for people to come together for the common good.
We will miss Ruth Zinar, a stalwart world federalist who participated creatively and with considerable energy and insight in CGS conference calls as late as the month before her death.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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