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Being approached by someone who is asking for “just a moment of your time” while you’re walking down the sidewalk is always very off-putting. Most people will just continue walking. This is not because they don’t care, but rather because they are sick of being asked for money.

However, monetary donations, especially recurring ones (monthly, for example), are the only fuel for membership organizations such as There are many factors that go into making non-profit organizations successful, and much of it comes from members and donors investing in it. The reason that largely successful membership NGOs got to be as big as they are is due to support of the people.

At, we greatly appreciate any and all donation amounts we receive, and we use that to further the interests and values of globally minded Americans. Donations allow us to host events, like our 2014 Annual Conference that brings together members to lobby and build our global voices. Contributions support the release of reports, such as Birth of a Big Lie,  which exposed misinformation used to block the Disability Treaty. Further, they help us hold meetings with like-minded political advocates that share our vision, such as meetings of treaty proponents to support our Stop the War on International Law campaign.

We also value the volunteer actions that our members take, including lobbying, responding to an action alert, throwing a house party, and meeting with their Member of Congress annually. Recently many of our members have been writing to their Senators to push for treaty ratification, specifically asking to push Senator Bob Corker to allow negotiations on ratificiation of the Disability Treaty to move forward. They have also asked their Senators to go on the record on whether they support women's equality and ratification of CEDAW. These actions directly promote the change we are working to bring about and draw further attention to our efforts.

In order to have as much influence as possible, a combination of both donations and action is ideal for an organization like Donations are essential to foster growth and development, but we also need to get our name out there. Donors who support us through our Indiegogo campaign (compared to directly donating to us), activists who share and retweet our message on social media help us bring attention to important issues that need to be addressed. 

In order to stand up against large organizations such as the Heritage Foundation, the Koch Brothers or Fox News, which spreads false claims about the impact of treaties, and influential people like Ted Cruz, who puts a lot of effort in keeping treaties from being ratified, it is crucial to have power and support.

Without actions, it is incredibly hard for any organization to build repute or influence. Without donations, it would be nearly impossible for an organization to stay afloat. That is why we greatly appreciate everything that our donors and members do, and we hope you can continue to give and take actions to keep our mission going forward. 

Thank you.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the official policy of Citizens for Global Solutions.

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We have a proven track record in making a difference. But we can't build the peaceful future we envision without your support. Become a donor now!

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We have a proven track record in making a difference. But we can't build the peaceful future we envision without your support. Become a donor now!